MMA Announcers

One of MMA’s most memorable announcers, Poppa Schnake has plied his trade across the bars, ballrooms and arenas of America for over a decade, preaching the gospel of MMA. A fanatical high school wrestler despite his diminutive size, whatever Chris “Big Poppa” Schnake lacked in physical presence he more than made up for with his piercing voice which sounded like it came from the throat of a giant.

Joining the Marines straight out of high school, he got his first taste of announcing at clubs near El Toro Airbase in California, where he was promoted from doorman to deejay when the club owner kept hearing his voice all over the club. Returning to his home of Jacksonville, Florida after his discharge, he hooked up with some old high school friends and eventually found himself in Omaha, Nebraska, where one of them was originally from and had opened a business and was sponsoring MMA events.

An MMA fan for years, Schnake was introduced to a promoter who needed an announcer for a fight that same week. He filled in, was an immediate hit with the audience, and away he went. Averaging a show a week over the past 10 years, Papa Schnake has been a tireless ambassador for the sport. No job is too small for him to ignore and no arena too big that he can’t spend time talking to the fans one-on-one and selling them on the sport that has become his lifelong passion.

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